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Main projects

edensynth synthesiser synthesizer plugin plug-in vst aax

EdenSynth: graphical user interface.

EdenSynth live demonstration

EdenSynth is a software sound synthesiser I have programmed from scratch in C++. It is a hybrid of wavetable, subtractive and waveshaping synthesis. Implemented filters are emulations of the original Moog synthesiser. EdenSynth has plenty of advanced features like tuning, oscillator transposition, pitch bend range setting, amplitude ADBDR envelope, filter’s cutoff ADSR envelope, multithreading support and more. Its subsequent versions have gained much appreciation (scroll down for a complete list of awards). The synthesiser can be used in form of a VST or AAX plug-in. It is currently being upgraded with targeted commercial release in early 2021.

The Fire Will Rise official album page

“The Fire Will Rise” is my debut music album composed, performed, arranged, produced, and published entirely and solely by me under the pseudonym of “The Wolf”. The album comprises 12 tracks varying in character from synthesiser-packed progressive rock to an epic movie suite. This project was in development for 8 years and was finally released on December 14, 2020 with digital and physical editions. You can find all the details on my official music page, where You can also purchase the album.

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the fire will rise

Cover artwork.

the sapphire hunt jawi

Shot of the second level: underwater caves.

the sapphire hunt jawi

Level three: inside a wrecked ship.

The Sapphire Hunt view on trle.net

A Tomb Raider custom level (a standalone game) built using official Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRLE) released by Core Design and enhanced by Paolone. This game is a completely genuine creation whose engine is based on Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation. “The Sapphire Hunt” has been a major success: it has reached Hall of Fame of trle.net and currently holds rating 9.19 on trle.net and 9.2 on Lara’s Levelbase, the two most popular TRLE platforms. The game took me 8 years to build, I have gained knowledge and skills concerning level design, sound production, 3D modelling, graphics (Adobe Photoshop), scripting and more. You can download and play it entirely for free directly from here. If you want to take a quick look, you can see the trailer here and a playthrough here.

Educational FMSynthesizer view on GitHub

A synthesiser based on frequency modulation programmed in the LabVIEW environment under supervision of Paweł Pawlik, PhD. Its aim was to enable the user familiarising themselves with capabilities and restraints of this particular synthesis technique technique. The user can choose waveforms for modulation and carrier waves, set the frequencies of both (absolute or relative) or even use feedback to receive an evenly decaying spectrum. There is also a filter section with lowpass, highpass, passband and bandstop filters. The user can see the output waveform and its temporary spectrum on appropriate graphs. Further configuration possibilities exist. The project is fully available on GitHub (LabVIEW 2016 or newer is required). The project received distinction at the 59th Conference of Student Scientific Circles of the Mining Division of the AGH UST.

fmsynthesiser logo frequency modulation

The logo.

fmsynthesizer frequency modulation synthesiser

Graphical user interface of the synthesiser.

financial balance

Application's logo.

financial balance gui

Graphical user interface.

FinancialBalance view on GitHub

A Java application for budgeting. The user can insert expenses with names, categories, dates and amount of money spent. The program automatically calculates monthly totals and displays helpful charts concerning months’ totals in all categories and yearly trends. The project is intended for further development with features like cloud database, mobile and web interface, data synchronisation and system scalability. However, the nature of this project is rather educational than commercial, so no particular deadlines exist. Full code is available on GitHub.

All projects/publications

Wilczek, J. (2019): Multithreaded hybrid synthesiser with elements of analogue electronic circuits modelling (3rd prize in the Main Board of the Polish Acoustical Society Contest for the Best Paper at the Polish Student Acousticians’ Conference in March 2019)

Wilczek, J. (2019): Implementation of a hybrid sound synthesis technique incorporating waveshaping and subtractive methods (defended with distinction as Engineer Diploma Thesis in January 2019, award in the Contest for the Best Diploma Thesis of the Faculty)

Wilczek, J. (2018): Hybrid sound synthesiser with wavetable, subtractive and waveshaping modules (1st prize at the 59th Conference of Student Scientific Circles of the Mining Division of the AGH UST in Acoustic Engineering section in December 2018)

Wilczek, J. (2018): Educational FM synthesiser (honourable mention at the 59th Conference of Student Scientific Circles of the Mining Division of the AGH UST in Acoustic Engineering section in December 2018)

Wilczek, J. (2018): Proposal of acoustic adaptation of a living room for monitoring purposes (link to presentation)

Wilczek, J. (2018): Synthezino – a sound synthesiser using Arduino and LabVIEW

Jasiński, J./ Wilczek, J. (2017): VoiceCommander – Windows speech commands

Jasiński, J./ Wilczek, J. (2017): CipherRecognizer – digit recognition software

Baniowski, P./ Falińska, M./ Ficek, W./ Jąkalska, M./ Wilczek, J. (2015): Quiet sound sources (link to presentation)