These are opinions concerning me from people who I had the pleasure and privilege of working with. They have all agreed to have their statements published here and I thank them for it.

We met with Jan when he enrolled my course in Musical Acoustics at the AGH University of Science and Technology.

As one of the best students of Acoustic Engineering, not only was he extraordinarily proficient in sound recording, signal processing, and data analysis, but he was also able to write and speak in a way that was both, lively, and insightful.

However, it was his hybrid synthesiser project that allowed him to show what he did excel at: an audio programming.

Jan combined his expertise in the acoustic engineering with a proficiency in the other area he studied at the time – the computer science, hence not only was he able to achieve an outstanding auditory result, but the underlying programming layer of his project was very clean and elegant as well.

Carried out under my supervision, but being entirely Jan’s invention and accomplishment, subsequent stages of the synthesiser project were awarded with the first prize in the Acoustic Engineering section at the 59th Conference of the Students Scientific Circles held in the AGH University of Science and Technology in December 2018, and the third prize in the Main Board of the Polish Acoustical Society Contest for the Best Paper at the Polish Student Acousticians’ Conference in March 2019.

Defended with distinction, the project was further awarded in the Contest for the Best Diploma Thesis of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics of AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

It was amazing to observe that despite time-consuming studies and work Jan was still able to find enough energy and enthusiasm to successfully pursue music-related interests, as well as numerous other activities, such as organisation of workshops, or volunteering during World Youth Day in Cracow.

dr Marek Pluta
AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow
Deparment of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics

I have come across Mr Jan Wilczek in his second year of studies when he attended my courses on Signal and Systems and Digital Signal Processing.

Mr Wilczek was always very well prepared, highly active, and quick in understanding the material taught during the course. I was also very pleased to note that his interests in signal processing were reaching further than the course material taught. In his class Mr Wilczek earned the highest grade obtained by only 2 out of over 50 students, which put him among the best 5% of students of Acoustic Engineering.

While at AGH, Mr Jan Wilczek was involved in research work on source separation based on Nonnegative Tensor Factorization in a research project “Audio Processing using Distributed Acoustic Sensing” financed by the Foundation for Polish Science. As a student researcher, he proved to be highly dependable, well-organized and thorough in performing research and engineering tasks. Thanks to his great mathematical and programming skills, Mr Jan Wilczek easily lived up to the expectations of a postgraduate researcher.

dr Konrad Kowalczyk
AGH University of Science and Technology
Department of Electronics
Digital Signal Processing Group